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March 12, 2020: Austin, TX: NovaCentrix is pleased to announce that the 2019 official sales results reflect two new sales records for our Metalon® metal-based inks: record sales revenues, and record number of shipments. Key applications included electrically-conductive inks for consumer electronics and automotive, and graphical inks primarily for consumer product packaging. Leading deposition formats include screen-print inks, as well as inkjet inks utilized by customers of the company’s integrated R2R inkjet print-and-cure system.

“Our entire team is excited, as these sales numbers reflect a lot of hard work on the part of the product and sales teams to offer products aligned with customer needs,” said Stan Farnsworth, NovaCentrix Chief Marketing Officer. “In recent years, we have made substantial investments in our ink technology portfolio including the acquisition of PChem and Intrinsiq Materials. Additionally, we have augmented our internal team and production capabilities to better engage leading market opportunities.” Key ink properties finding acceptance in the market include conductive performance, printability, adhesion, and durability.

The continued growth of the company’s online webstore is also proving to be a major factor in the new sales records – offering Metalon inks selectable by deposition type, and in quantities from sample sizes up to multi-kilogram orders in a quick-transaction format. “We have seen a steady year-on-year increase of online sales since we first launched the portal in 2013,” added Farnsworth. ( “I think this speaks to the increasing interest by B2B clients in quick order/quick delivery online purchasing.”

NovaCentrix continues to work closely with clients at all stages of product development and manufacturing, offering support from our world-class chemists and engineers on topics such as ink selection, and printing guidance, and application development. As all of our inks are made in the USA we also offer custom formulation options.

About NovaCentrix
NovaCentrix offers industry leading photonic curing tools, conductive inks, materials and expertise, enabling the development and production of next-gen printed electronic devices. Our Metalon conductive inks capitalize on advanced materials and formulations to provide conductivity options for additive manufacturing of printed electronics with stretchable, solderable, resistive, and magnetic qualities. Our PulseForge tools utilize photonic curing, a cutting edge technology that dries, sinters, and anneals functional inks in milliseconds on low-temperature, flexible substrates, such as paper and plastic. PulseForge tools save valuable time and resources, allowing for innovations in solar, RFID, display, packaging, circuit, and other growing industries.
NovaCentrix emphasizes internal innovation and external partnerships to move ideas from inception to production.

Visit the NovaCentrix website to learn more, review a calendar of our upcoming global events, and to request an on-site visit with one of our global team members.