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The ability to attract, train and retain talent poses an increasing challenge to the electronics industry. Cultivating the workforce is necessary to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the industry during this time of unprecedented technological advancement.

Developments in core technologies and applications in areas such as the next generation of communications (5G), the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles, quantum computing, etc., are all underpinned by the electronics industry and its supply chain. Ensuring that the talent is available and aware of the opportunities is seen as a major factor in achieving success. SEMI Works will address these challenges.

SEMI Works Approach


SEMI Works represents a holistic, programmatic approach in meeting the talent pipeline needs of the broader electronics industry.  This program will address the problem by employing scalable programs throughout the full spectrum of engagement:

  • Addressing the industry’s image

  • Engaging young students in experiential learning opportunities

  • Promoting elective courses to high school students establishing the foundation for applicable careers and continuing education

  • Strengthening connections between the industry and universities and enhancing mentorship opportunities

  • Providing adult, veteran and incumbent worker training focused on identifying gaps and targeting training based on required competencies through certified programs and apprenticeships

SEMI is in a unique position to engage the industry in meeting this challenge. As a global organization with more than 2,100 member companies and over 40 years of collaborative program development and execution, SEMI has a history of representing the end-to-end microelectronics industry supply chain on a global scale.

The development of a competency tool ensures linkage to the industry. SEMI leverages its extensive membership base consisting of small, medium and large companies in the development and maintenance of the required competency model for all aspects of the electronics industry supply chain.

Curriculum is then developed to match those competencies. SEMI will certify programs and courses in alignment with the curriculum and perform periodic industry reviews to ensure relevancy. Those who successfully complete the courses will receive an industry recognized SEMI credential.

SEMI will ensure there is a process to regularly update the programs. The skills assessment tool will be made available to help identify gaps and needs and identify courses to provide the training and education to fulfill those needs.  


Learn More

For more information about SEMI Works or how your education or training program can receive a SEMI Certification, please contact for more information at:

View the SEMI Works announcement.